Morriston welcomes Dr Alba Gonzalez 

This week Dr Alba Gonzalez started in her role as 3D Biomedical Technician at Morriston Hospital. Alba, who has a wealth of design experience to bring to the role, is really excited to join the Maxillofacial Laboratory Team.

Her first day involved obervation of complex surgical procedures that made use of the in-hospital 3d planning and printing capability. 


UK India Education Research Initiative 

Peter Evans and Dominic Eggbeer were joined by Katie Beverly (PDR Eco design) on the first of four exchange trips between King George's Medical University, Lucknow, India and PDR/ABM Uni Health Board. The universities are working together to identify appropriate methods of introducing advanced design and manufacturing technologies into routine clinical practice and training. 

The first visit involved a combination of structured design methodologies to identify user requirements, meetings and a conference programme organised by Prof Divya Mehrotra in the Maxillofacial Unit. Data collected on this first visit will be used to tailor the introduction of new technologies in subsequent visits.

A more detailed write up is available here

CARTIS is involved with numerous knowledge exchange activities, conference programmes and international foundations. This makes CARTIS an ideal partner on projects that help to solve complex healthcare challenges using design, engineering and manufacture.


Advanced Digital Tech - UK Conference

Thanks to all of those who presented excellent research, contributed to the conversations and helped to make the ADT, UK 2018 conference such a success. 
We're looking forwards to developing wider collaborations accross Europe. 

Post-Trauma Reconstruction Video

CARTIS Board member, Mr Shakir Mustafa has pioneered the application of advanced 3d design and additive manufacture methods in complex, post-trauma reconstruction. ITV Cymru Wales news aired a video earlier in 2018, which described how collaboration between Mr Mustafa, PDR and Renishaw PLC was used to aid the accurate reconstruction of a patient’s facial anatomy following a motorbike accident.

Using advanced digital methods for this type of complex osteotomy procedure has been pioneered by CARTIS, with earlier cases being undertaken with Cardiff & Vale University Health Board and Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board. Collaboration between design engineers, industry and the NHS is helping to ensure these methods are introduced safely and efficiently into routine practice.

The video has been hosted on the CARTIS Vimeo site with kind permission from ITV Cymru News.


Royal College of Surgeons - Future of Surgery

CARTIS have submitted evidence to the Royal College of Surgeons on the future of surgery. 

The collaboration between ABM University Health Board, PDR and Cwm Taf University Health Board has two decades of experience in applying advanced digital design and fabrication technologies in surgery. Numerous world firsts in surgery have been backed up by the publication of rigorous peer reviewed articles and collaborative research with leading industry partners. The evidence submitted by CARTIS describes some of these cases and concludes a vision for what a hospital of the future could be.

The CARTIS evidence can be viewed here.