CARTIS At The 4th ADT Conference

Mr Adrian Sugar, Peter Evans, Dominic Eggbeer, Steffan Daniel and Richard Bibb have just returned from the 4th Advanced Digital Technologies in Head and Neck Reconstruction Conference.

CARTIS are one of the supporting organisations for the conference and hosted it in 2008. Hosted in Freiburg, Germany, the 2011 conference brought together world leading researchers, medical specialists and companies involved with the application and development of the latest approaches in head and neck surgery.

The CARTIS team gave 5 presentations on cranioplasty design, 3D planning, new materials, orbital reconstruction and facial prosthetics.  A workshop demonstrating the application of digital technologies in facial prosthetics was also joint run by CARTIS team members.

The team were also involved with the AO Foundation, Workshop in Imaging and Planning Surgery prior to the ADT conference.

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CARTIS Lead Developments In Breast Prosthetics


CARTIS have pioneered the provision of more realistic and better fitting breast prostheses through the use of digital technologies.

The techniques were developed through collaboration with the breast care and lymphoedema team at Singleton Hospital, who identified the need to provide patients with better fitting, more realistic, brassier retained prostheses.  Prostheses are based on the remaining breast shape where possible and help patients maintain a natural posture by restoring the missing breast weight, whilst providing a more secure fit.  It is hoped that the technique will help prevent post mastectomy posture problems and give wearers increased confidence.

The project demonstrates the benefits of working as a multidisciplinary team. Expertise from medical illustration, the breast care and lymphoedema team, maxillofacial prosthetics and PDR have all contributed to this revolutionary new technique.

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