Morriston Hospital Forensic Artist, Heather, in the News

The pioneering work of the Maxillofacial Unit at Morriston Hospital is once again in the news.  Heather Goodrum, who joined the team over a year ago, is the first biomedical 3D technician to be appointed by any NHS hospital.  Having completed a masters in facial forensic art, her role within the Maxillofacial Unit involves working directly with surgeons to plan complex procedures and design patient specific devices that help undertake them more efficiently.  Heather said: “The surgeons decide how they want to be able to do the surgery and the design side is then down to me and the reconstructive scientists in our team.

“I’ll design the part required and the team and I sit down together to make any alterations. Once complete it is sent away for 3D printing.”

Morriston Hospitals Maxillofacial Unit have worked closely with international design research centre, PDR since 1998.  This collaboration has helped to pioneer the way disciplines of design and healthcare can work together effectively to improve patient outcomes and procedure efficiency.  Recruiting Heather was a significant step that recognises the need for the NHS to invest in new ways of working.  Her role combines the application of technologies such as advanced computer aided design and in-hospital 3d printing.  Through working with PDR, this has helped to ensure cutting-edge methods are cost-effective, safe and realise patient benefits. 

This news has been reported more widely, with stories on the BBC and Wales Online.  


PDR Welcomes New Researcher

PDR’s Surgical and Prosthetic Design group have recently welcomed Research Officer, Hanna, to the team. Hanna has a background in mechanical engineering and studied for her PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. Her new role involves researching patient specific implant designs and additive manufacturing production methods, collaborating with industry sponsors, Renishaw PLC, and medical specialists.

Hanna is new to Cardiff and has been enjoying the glorious weather that Wales is renowned for!


Advanced Digital Tech - Amiens Conference

Peter Evans, Heather Goodrum, Lawrence Dovgalski, Hayley Hanson & Dominic Eggbeer had the opportunity to contribute to the 6th Triennial ADT conference in Amiens.  In cooperation with the Facing Faces Institute, CARTIS delivered oral presentations, posters, chaired sessions and delivered a workshop on additive manufacture.  Both Peter Evans and Dominic Eggbeer are involved in the ADT Foundation as Secretary and Treasurer respectively.

The conference hosted a diverse range of scientific topics from fundamental science to clinical application, and functional outcome assessment.  The link between these disciplines was reinforced throughout the programme.  Industry sponsors also had the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations, with Tomoki Itamiya (who presented on Augmented and Mixed Reality using a Holographic Computing for the Surgical Field) was also available to provide an augmented reality experience during the breaks. 

On the final day, Autodesk’s Azam Khan introduced the parametric human project, which illustrated how combining anatomical, surgical and computing knowledge can create a valuable open source resource for research.  Long-standing pioneer in the field of additive manufacture for healthcare applications, Andy Christensen provided the final comments as Honorary Conference Chair.  This reflected on the evolution of technology, importance of research/industry/governing body collaboration and looked to future innovation. 

Finally, Masayuki Takano provided a preview of what we can look forwards to in two years time in Tokyo.  We’re extremely excited at the prospect of ADT in Japan, which is a country renowned for technology innovation. 

CARTIS would like to thank the conference organisers, outgoing ADT Chair, David Cote and incoming ADT Chair, Gerald Grant.  We enjoyed the programme and social events, are proud to have contributed to the conference, and look forwards 2019.  In the meantime, we’re organising a UK Regional ADT conference for 2018. 

Keep up to date with the latest news on Twitter @ADT_Foundation and on the ADT Foundation Website.  


Research Opportunity at PDR

PDR are looking for a world leading researcher to join their team.  The Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship (European Fellowship) is a prestigious European funding scheme that supports mobility, career development, and training within Europe, and offer up to 2 years’ highly competitive salary, a mobility allowance, family allowance and research costs.

Visit for details.


PDR Welcomes Latest Member of the Team

PDR's Surgical & Prosthetic Design group recently welcomed Teksin to their team. Her research, 'Embedded Sensors for Next Generation Compression Garments', will develop research in the field of lymphoedema care. With a background in industrial and user interface design, and 8 years of industry experience, she brings exciting new capabilities.