ADT UK Group - Workshop Report

The first UK ADT Group workshop showcased current research and best practice in head and neck reconstruction and related fields.  A mix of scientific presentations from fundamental research to surgical and prosthetic applications of technology was complemented with an afternoon forum.  This stimulated the debate necessary to identify current best practice, limitations with existing technology-based approaches and identify future challenges for research and development. 

The day was wall attended by vibrant mix of surgeons, prosthetic technologists, researchers, students and industry representatives.  This helped to mediate the value of points that arose during the day and will help to ensure that the future research is balanced, prioritised and outcomes can be followed up appropriately.

A workshop report can be downloaded here. 


1st ADT UK Regional Leadership Group Workshop Held in Loughborough

Delegates attending the ADT UK RLG Workshop at Loughborough Design School

The first Advancing Digital Technology in Head and Neck Reconstruction (ADT) UK Regional Leadership Group (RLG) Workshop was held yesterday at Loughborough Design School.

The day was a success - with a full programme of scientific presentations from a broad spectrum of specialties; including regenerative medicine and bio printing, functional outcome assessment in orthognathic surgery, digital developments in facial prosthetics, and additive manufacturing applications to surgical guide and implant design.

Each topic prompted useful discussion - a summary of which will be presented to the global ADT meeting in Beijing in September.

The intention to hold regular future meetings was enthusiastically recieved - further details will be announced in the coming months.

The ADT UK RLG provides a forum for UK clinicians, researchers, students and industry to disseminate current best practice and identify future research challenges.  For more information, click HERE.

CARTIS Members at the ADT UK RLG Workshop (L-R): Mr Satyajeet Bhatia, Dr Richard Bibb, Mr Peter Evans, Dr Dominic Eggbeer, Sean Peel, Lawrence Dovgalski, Emily Bilbie, Kelly Morris, Ffion O'Malley. 



Royal College of Surgeons - Interview with Sean Peel

As the use of computer aided design and additive manufacturing in the production of patient specific implants becomes more common place in the UK NHS, we’ve taken time to reflect on this trend. 

Sean Peel was recently interviewed by the Royal College of Surgeons to provide his perspective of this rapidly developing industry.  You can read the free to download article here.  

Another article in the Royal College bulletin, 'The history of 3D printing in healthcare' also mentions the work of CARTIS.  



ADT UK Workshop

With the ADT UK Workshop fast approaching, it may be time to consider travel and accommodation.  Loughborough University benefits from a range of options:

The budget option:



There is also a Travelodge and Premier Inn in Loughborough town.


Details on the event location can be found here:

Please feel free to contact Dominic Eggbeer or click here to find out more about the workshop and travel.  


CARTIS Partner PDR Introduces Online DICOM Data Delivery

We’re now a few weeks into using the Image Exchange Portal (IEP) that enables the UK NHS to send us DICOM data securely over the internet.  The process is significantly more efficient than posting encrypted CDs and also offers extra security and traceability. 

It is also improving our ability to undertake urgent cases.  We can now collaborate on cases the same day as the patient is scanned if required.  In some cases, this means that we can fabricate a model or custom guide overnight, ready for dispatch the next day. 

If your hospital is connected to the IEP, a small additional form must be completed before you can send data to us.  Instructions can be found here

Please contact Dominic Eggbeer for further details.